3 Reasons Every Convenience Store Should Offer Contactless Payment on the Forecourt

tap to pay at the gas pump

3 Reasons Every Convenience Store Should Offer Contactless Payment on the Forecourt

If you haven’t upgraded your forecourt with EMV card readers – or have upgraded but never turned on the contactless features – now is the time to offer contactless payments.

Here are three reasons why every gas station should feature contactless payment options at every fueling position.

1. Quick and Convenient

Contactless payment is 10 times faster than a chip or a swipe, and virtually everyone’s mobile device is handier than their physical wallet. With more than half of all consumers now using contactless payment, ignoring Near-Field Communication technology (NFC) means alienating a rapidly growing portion of drivers on the road today.

2. Improved Security

Contactless isn’t just faster, it’s safer. When you upgrade fuel dispensers with outdoor EMV, contactless payment features are part of the process. With encryption capabilities in place, contactless transactions protect your customers’ personal data in the safest manner.

Because tap-to-pay transactions create and transmit one-time codes produced by bank-operated algorithms, intercepting any useable private data is nearly impossible through contactless payment transactions.

3. Competitive Edge

Tactics and technologies that increase speed, convenience, or security are critical to creating a competitive edge. Contactless payment checks all three boxes.

Tap-to-pay technology allows you to set your business apart from your competitors and show your commitment to elevating your customer experience.

The Bottom Line

For retailers who haven’t upgraded to EMV, contactless comes baked into the process – so get started now! If you have outdoor EMV but haven’t engaged these features...what are you waiting for?

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