Adapting to a More Digital World

Adapting to a More Digital World

“It’s more than about the connected car,” stated Prasad Satyavolu, Global Head of Consulting and Innovation. “It’s about the connected mind.”

Satyvalu was this year’s keynote speaker for Gilbarco’s annual Retail Technology Conference at Myrtle Beach, SC. He emphasized how if you want your business to exist in the future, you have to think about the consumer experience – or better yet – human experience. With the world turning into a myriad of technologies and new ecosystems, how can your store stay on top of the market trends as Gilbarco did in 1889?  

Gilbert and Barker (Gilbarco's former name) was one of the main providers of industrial oil-burning furnaces. However, because Thomas Edison's light bulb was gaining popularity, Gilbert and Barker acknowledged that the industry was changing. It could have continued to sell furnaces but instead chose to look at other uses of petroleum. Because the company was able to adapt to the situation at the time by thinking of the future, the company not only survived, but still is an industry leader in the fueling market. 

Today, Gilbarco prides itself as a one-stop shop for all retailers. It wasn’t a coincidence it has retained this reputation. It’s the constant push to get a pulse of what our ever-changing consumers demand. If you are interested in knowing what you can do to keep your business ahead of the competition, Gilbarco has plenty of free resources to help you start your journey to successfully adapt to a digital world. 

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