After 90 Years, the Gas Pump Nozzle Just Got Better…Way Better


After 90 Years, the Gas Pump Nozzle Just Got Better…Way Better

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Totally Redesigns the Fuel Dispenser Nozzle with the Ergo Series

Did you know—until the launch of the Ergo series—the gas pump nozzle has largely remained unchanged for the last 90 years? Nine decades. Nearly a century. Sounds crazy, right? It’s true and marveling that many of the best features on the nozzle are based on simple mechanical engineering.

Go with the Flow

Take the auto-shutoff feature and consumers’ love/hate relationship with it.

Next time you fill up, look for a small hole at the tip of the nozzle. When fueling, air gets sucked into that Venturi hole, forcing a mechanical valve to stay open and allowing fuel to flow. When that hole is covered, like when your tank is full, a vacuum triggers the valve to close, shutting off the nozzle.

One problem: On regular nozzles, that shutoff feature can be too sensitive, shutting off before your tank is full, usually thanks to fuel foaming from rough flow.

With the smoothest flow of any nozzle, the Ergo decreases foaming that can prematurely trigger the auto shutoff feature. The low-profile vacuum tip creates less turbulence (foaming) and therefore doesn’t trigger the shutoff incorrectly. Now, drivers can fuel to “full” with fewer interruptions.

True One-Handed Operation

How about the old “one-handed operation” myth? Are traditional nozzles of the past really one-hand operational?

Fuel dispenser nozzles have always been shielded by an exemption in the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to the ADA, “gas pump nozzles shall not be required to […] have an activating force of 5 pounds maximum.”

The Ergo is the first nozzle to comply with ADA standards and provide true one-handed operation. As the lightest nozzle ever designed, the Ergo achieves easy one-handed operation by any user. A light pull on the lever starts fueling with 66% less effort, while a fingertip hold-open clip engages the lock, providing an effortless fueling experience.

Not only is the Ergo lighter (12% lighter to be exact), it’s more durable too. We selected specialized materials like heat-treated roller pins at the drive shaft assembly to resist the elements and hold up to heavy use. The Ergo also uses premium components to deliver maximum performance in extreme temperatures from -40°F - 125°F.

Faster is Better

We couldn’t make the nozzle better without making it faster. The Ergo has the fastest flow and lowest pressure drop of any nozzle on the market – even when multiple nozzles are in use at the same time. That means this next-generation nozzle provides a better customer experience with sustained flow that can improve performance and lower operating costs throughout an entire site.

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 MILLION

The Ergo Series isn’t just about adding features to an existing product. This is a complete redesign achieved through the most demanding testing ever conducted on a nozzle. Multiple Ergo 75’s underwent a 3-million cycle endurance test – three times the test cycles conducted on other nozzles. The durability of the Ergo translates into fewer replacements with a lower lifetime cost of ownership reflected by its 24-month warranty.

Bottom line – pick it up and you’ll know right away, you have performance in hand.

Ergo 75 is the first nozzle of the Ergo series. UL certified and available for gasoline (up to 10% ethanol) and auto-diesel applications. For more information visit