Charging 101: How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

ev charger at c store

Charging 101: How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

We have taken you through a few of the basics of electric vehicles (EV). In our last blog post, we explained that EV drivers prefer to charge at convenience stores due to the safe environment, food options and other amenities. C-store customers also prefer fast service, which brings us to the natural question:

If a traditional car can fill-up in about two minutes, how much time does it take for an EV to charge up?

Like fuel dispensers, there are some variables when it comes to speed. The number of vehicles charging at a station and an EV’s battery size can have an impact. The charger type and the EV’s battery management system also play critical roles in charge speed.

Now let’s break it down.

Level 1 (L1)

It takes anywhere from 11 to 30 hours to charge an EV using an L1 charger. L1 charging is the slowest form of charging with minimal requirements. The charger plugs into a standard 120-volt AC outlet; as such, you will primarily find L1 chargers in residential locations. So what if you do not have all night to leave your EV plugged? Level up!

Level 2 (L2)

L2 chargers can charge an EV in typically four to six hours. L2 chargers are the most prevalent in the market today and have proven ideally suited for fleet applications. Fleet vehicles with regularly scheduled downtimes, such as school buses and government fleets, are finding L2 chargers to be a powerful tool to power their EVs.

These chargers can also be installed at gas stations to compliment DC Fast Chargers, which are ideal for C-store sites.

DC Fast Chargers (DCFC)

Next in line are DCFCs, which can bring a car to full charge in 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the vehicle and other factors. Right now, this is the most popular option for C-stores, gas stations, and travel centers.

You’ll find DCFC’s like the Veefil-RT 50kW at a growing number of retail fuel businesses.

Ultra-High Power (UHP) Chargers

Charge times get closer to the speed of a traditional fill-up with UHP chargers. UHP charger’s scale from 150kW and up, and can shrink charging time to anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. These chargers are ideal for longer trips or if an EV driver needs to quickly charge due to unique circumstances. UHP chargers will play a unique role in the future as infrastructure needs grow, battery technology advances, and EV drivers demand faster-charging solutions.

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