Distributor of the Year – Guardian Fueling Technologies.

guardian fuel award
Guardian Fueling Technologies 


The 2020 Gilbarco Veeder-Root Circle of Excellence Award Winners are:

  • A-1 Pump
  • B&J Equipment
  • Empire Petroleum Services
  • JF Petroleum Group
  • K&W Equipment
  • Northwest Pump and Equipment
  • NWestco
  • Petroleum Equipment Co.
  • Petro Towery
  • Seneca Corporation


NWestco Award

B&J Equipment

B&J Award

A-1 Pumping

A-1 gilbarco

Seneca Corporation

seneca gilbarco

Empire Petroleum Services

empire gilbarco

JF Petroleum Group

J&F Petro gilbarco

K&W Equipment

KW equipment gilbarco

Northwest Pump and Equipment

northwest pump gilbarco

Petro Towery

Petro towery gilbarco

Petroleum Equipment Co.

Petro Equipment award

As an OEM, we highly value our distributor partners representing our vast product portfolio and each of their contributions, which has allowed Gilbarco Veeder-Root to thrive for over 150 years. These distinguished distributors continuously met targets across the entire product portfolio in an unprecedented environment resulting from the pandemic and reflect the Gilbarco Veeder-Root core value drivers in the highest regard.

“Together with our distribution network, we share a common mission to help our customers’ businesses thrive,” said Bryan Crossan, VP of Distributors. “Their success is our success. We’re honored to have so many distributors performing at such a high-level, year in and year out.”

To Guardian Fueling Technologies and the Circle of Excellence, congratulations on your achievements of the highest order.