Gilbarco Veeder-Root Announces Exclusive EMV Dispenser Program for Chevron and Texaco Marketers and Retailers

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Announces Exclusive EMV Dispenser Program for Chevron and Texaco Marketers and Retailers

Program Encourages Chevron-branded Retailers to Adopt Latest Payment Security Technology

Gilbarco Veeder-Root today announced that it has launched an exclusive EMV dispenser program for Chevron and Texaco Marketers and Retailers to help them prepare their sites for the 2020 EMV deadline.

With EMV hardware becoming rapidly utilized at dispensers and the release of software to initiate chip payments beginning, Chevron worked with Gilbarco Veeder-Root to offer this limited-time program to help retailers protect their customers and sites from fraudulent events.

This program is also an opportunity for retailers to work directly with their local Gilbarco Veeder-Root distributor to further future-proof their sites with other technology upgrades, like NFC readers for contactless payments. Gilbarco Veeder-Root is a leader in both core dispenser technology and the latest in payment security, paired with industry-leading reliability and service network.

“It is important to us that our retailers upgrade to EMV quickly. We are working with Gilbarco to offer an exclusive program to make the process of upgrading to EMV easier and more cost effective for our retailers. In addition to EMV, this program includes the latest dispenser technologies to help our retailers prepare their business for the future,” said Kevin Gousse, Retail Programs Manager, Chevron.

As part of its industry leadership on EMV and payment security, Gilbarco Veeder-Root was the first to process an EMV chip card transaction at a fuel dispenser in North America. Additionally, the Passport POS system has supported EMV in-store transactions since May 2016. With simple software upgrades, Passport sites can be easily configured and enabled for full EMV transactions at the dispenser for all major card types as the point of sale software is released.

“We continue to see the market move forward rapidly in upgrading forecourts with EMV-capable dispensers. With the point of sale software now being released to “turn on” chip payments at the pump, we see leading retailers really making an effort to reach full EMV compliance in advance of the 2020 deadline. We’re pleased to work closely with Chevron to help its network secure their forecourt and protect their customers,” said Mark Williams, VP of North America Marketing, Gilbarco.

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