Green Fleets: EV Charging Primed to Accelerate with Fleet Operators

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Green Fleets: EV Charging Primed to Accelerate with Fleet Operators

Fleet operations are accelerating the transition to clean fuel options, including EV charging, according to a new report. Clean transportation and energy consulting firm, GNA, called 2020 a landmark year for the clean fleet industry and expects the trend to continue.

Here are three key EV-related findings that GNA says will change the landscape of clean fleets this year and beyond.

  • Clean trucks and buses are becoming more competitive and available. The move to electrification just makes too much sense for certain fleet operations. Clean fleets are increasingly able to compete on the key metrics that are most critical for fleet managers including operational performance, range, and total cost of ownership. The firm also points out that every long-haul, delivery, and large-scale fleet surveyed said they plan to increase clean vehicle technologies.
  • State and federal policy changes are charging up momentum behind EV adoption, including California’s pledges to ban light-duty combustion engine sales and phase out medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicle sales in the next 25 years. The Biden administration has announced its own goal to install 500,000 EV chargers by 2030.
  • Charger infrastructure is becoming more widely available. Utilities are investing in fleet-focused EV charging infrastructure programs. North Carolina’s major utility, Duke Energy, recently approved $25 million for Phase 1 of an Electric Transportation Pilot program with a $56 million Phase 2 Pilot already proposed. Municipal utilities across North Carolina and other states are also taking advantage of the Volkswagen Mitigation Settlement program.

And while more and more fleets begin transitioning to cleaner fuel options, Gilbarco is also expanding its own e-Mobility platform. The latest addition to our portfolio of chargers is specifically for fleets – the Amps2Go Series F19.

This Level 2 charger is especially relevant for fleets operating private charging infrastructure. The Amps2Go Series F19 is similar to the Series F7, but offers an additional power output (19.2 kW) to better serve fleets with school buses and light-medium duty fleet trucks.

These larger fleet vehicles often have long periods of downtime, such as overnight, making the Series F19 charger the perfect option to address these common fleet charging scenarios.

For fleet managers who want a rugged, no-nonsense EV charger with a small footprint, the Amps2Go Series F7 and Amps2Go Series F19 check all the necessary boxes.

  • Fleet-Focused – Dual port configuration standard, to maximize EV charging while minimizing the use of depot space  
  • Dependable – Rugged aluminum construction and backed by a full-replacement warranty to ensure vehicles remain charged on-time, all-the-time 
  • Smart – Powerful network options to manage fleet EV charging 

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