L2 Chargers: Quick, Easy, Cost-Effective. But Are They Right for You?

l2 charger release

L2 Chargers: Quick, Easy, Cost-Effective. But Are They Right for You?

We recently discussed the time it takes for an electric vehicle (EV) to charge based on charger type. With the launch of Amps2Go L2 charger, we’re diving deeper into this specific charger type—Level 2 (L2).

As a quick refresher, L2 chargers typically charge an electric vehicle in four to six hours. But what does it mean for drivers or fleet managers considering electrification?

Who Should Use L2 Chargers?

Simply put, L2 charging enables quick and easy electrification for two reasons: use-case fit and cost efficiency.

When it comes to selecting the best charging solutions, it’s important to focus on the way you drive or operate a fleet. Keeping standard route patterns and vehicle utilization top of mind is one of the best ways to determine what types of chargers you need to adequately power your vehicles.

As an example—many fleets are active for three to eight hours a day. Think school or city buses. That means there are lengthy periods of “dwell time,” such as overnight, when vehicles remain unused.

Fleets like these are great candidates for L2 chargers, as the speed of charge and power delivered by L2 charging are designed match these dwell times. 

What About Cost?

L2 charging is an extremely cost-effective form of charging, both in terms of the cost of the chargers themselves and sometimes in the cost of energy delivered. In addition, they’re easy to install and operate as well.

The installation process is straightforward and usually doesn’t require a significant electrical infrastructure upgrade. For these reasons, L2 charging not only fits most fleet usage patterns, but is a cost-effective way to electrify quickly and easily.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root recently introduced an L2 Charger—Amps2Go—to its product lineup. If you’re interested in learning more about how L2 charging could enable you to electrify, please contact us today!