Top Questions from NACS About EV Charging at Convenience Stores

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Top Questions from NACS About EV Charging at Convenience Stores

One of the hottest topics at the 2021 NACS show was e-Mobility, so let’s unpack your most frequently asked questions about EV charging in the convenience store environment.

Is there a universal plug that works for all vehicles?

No. There are three common types of plugs:

  • CHAdeMO
  • Combined Charging System (CCS)
  • Tesla

Even though Tesla use their own proprietary plug, most owners have adaptors to use at non-Tesla charging stations. As a result, a single charger can support all vehicles on the road today.

What kind of charger do I need?

Both traditional and EV drivers are looking for a quick and convenient experience.

For that reason, DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) are ideal for the convenience store environment. Fleet operators may also use DCFC’s or opt for Level 2 chargers depending on the use case.

Our e-Mobility team uses their industry expertise to help you make critical equipment choices.

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How long does it take to charge?

Level 1 (L1): A material charge takes 11 to 30 hours depending on the vehicle.

Level 2 (L2): L2 chargers can charge an EV in four to six hours. These are recommended for fleet vehicles with regularly scheduled downtimes, like school buses and government fleets.

DC Fast Chargers (DCFC): 50 kW DCFCs can bring a car to full charge in 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the vehicle and other factors.  Higher power DCFCs can achieve charge times under 10 minutes.

Learn more about charging speeds here.

How do drivers pay for charging sessions?

Payment can be processed several ways, typically using a mobile app or a card reader terminal on the charger.

Our EVerse Charger Management Software uses a flexible, user-friendly billing engine that lets you set prices and accept various methods of payment.

How do drivers find chargers on the road?

EV drivers use mobile apps like the EVerse Driver App to find available chargers. As a retailer, by joining the EVerse Driver App (?) you can attract, impress, and retain customers. You can also gain access to valuable driver insights, opening your business to new revenue streams.

Can chargers be installed under the canopy?

Yes, EV chargers can be installed under a canopy, but you’ll need to be mindful of local safety regulations.

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