Encore Experience is here! Encore Experience is the first forecourt consumer engagement platform on the market. It is designed to grow with rich functionalities and an array of customizable on-screen apps. Best of all, it’s here now!


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Do What You Want.

Encore What You Want

Make your consumers’ pump experiences unique and incomparable with functionalities and apps built by Gilbarco or developed by retailers or third parties. Strategically use them to create personalized and direct interactions with consumers — even down to the individual dispenser level.

When You Want.

Encore When You Want

It’s easy to control when and how consumers see your messages. Coffee in the morning? A lunch menu at noon? A coupon for an in-store purchase on lower traffic times throughout the day? When the time is right, you’ll know what to say.

How You Want.

Encore How You Want

Messaging is easy to customize — from copy, icons and logos, to scheduled video or graphic promotions, to interactive couponing, surveys and gaming solutions — all to drive engagement and in-store revenue.

Quickly and Securely.

Encore Quickly and Securely

The cloud-based platform allows you to develop, configure and deploy the experiences you want to offer your consumers at the forecourt with complete security and control.

How Encore Works



What are Encore Experience applications?

An Encore Experience app is software directly downloaded to dispensers by retailers to display customizable content to consumers. It can also be software that creates a functionality and runs in the background, allowing consumer-facing apps to perform certain functions. The platform is proprietary to Gilbarco and uniquely designed for forecourt environments; however, it cannot run apps written for other operating systems such as Apple and Android.

What is the platform for Encore Experience?

The platform is comprised of the Encore Experience software and a secure dispenser-level data storage device called “Omnia board.” These tools enable apps to run, communicate with peripherals (screen, printer, etc.), and link to the secure online portal, decreasing the chance for tampering of on-site servers.