Self-managed and personalized dispenser advertising

Introducing MediaReach

Deliver All the Right Messages — At All the Right Times

The forecourt has been an untapped marketing channel for too long. Now you can deliver customized media experiences to each of your convenience store sites and your retail customers. Three of every four fuel customers leave the forecourt without shopping in your c-stores. With MediaReach, you can engage them at the dispenser, personalize offers, and encourage them to go inside to purchase beverages, food and other items.​


Save Time with MediaReach
  • Free up your marketing team from manually scheduling content with automated schedule building.​
  • Stop creating multiple versions of the same content; MediaReach automatically resizes how your media is displayed based on screen size.​
  • Begin fully controlling media with minimal training time, thanks to a simplified interface that’s easy for your team to learn and use.​
Increase Marketing Flexibility
  • Update your media schedules on the fly, based on conditions like weather, temperature, local income levels, and time of day.
  • Establish rules for each of your sites that MediaReach uses to automate media scheduling.​
Unleash the Power of Your Dispenser Screens
  • Educate your customers and influence their shopping behaviors.​
  • Promote your loyalty programs and enable customers to join on the spot.​
  • Generate additional revenue by selling advertising to vendors or other businesses.​
  • Personalize media with separate messages during walk-up or fueling at a dispenser.​
Target Your Sites With Locally Relevant Content​
  • Encourage fuel customers to go inside with personalized playlists for each c-store.​
  • Eliminate use of the same, one-size-fits-all media across all of your locations.

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​How You’ll Know if MediaReach Is Right for Your C-stores

  • Are you a c-store retailer with multiple sites? ​
  • Do you want to maximize use of the forecourt in your marketing strategy?​
  • Do you employ a marketing team and have resources in-house to create and self-manage dispenser media?​

If you answered “Yes” to all three questions, then MediaReach is the ideal marketing content management solution for you. ​

To target customized messages to the right customers at the optimal times, you'll use it at each of your c-store locations.

What You’ll Need to Deploy MediaReach

You can connect MediaReach to the Encore Experience cloud or to an Applause site server.

Gilbarco MediaReach Options


Influence Your Customers in the Forecourt

Discover how you can do it with MediaReach. ​Contact your local Gilbarco Veeder-Root representative and take control of your Media.

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