EV Charging Management



EV Charging Management

As the population of electric vehicles increases, retailers and fleet managers are installing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSEs, EV Chargers) in greater numbers to offer charging services to employees, customers, and their vehicle fleets. Managing the charge services and operating costs of these EVSEs presents a new challenge to their owners.

Gilbarco offers intelligent, scalable, and easy-to-use solutions for retailers or EV fleets. Our out-of-the-box solutions allow owners to quickly and effectively manage their units with an easy-to-use interface.  Our paid solutions offer retailers more advanced controls and data about their chargers and overall site management. 

Retail, Fleet, and Network Solutions

Standalone CCR

Credit card processing and authentication. Allows for CCR purchase without the use of a charging app.


Enables real time and historical data to understand charger performance, achieve greater reliability and support drivers.

Network Options

Saas software platform that facilitates enhanced management of the charger network.

Take advantage of various federal, state, and county funding

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Mirror the fueling experience with standalone CCR

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Provide drivers with familiar “pay-at-the-pump” experience

Standalone CCR (Credit Card processing + authentication) allows for credit card payment without the use of a charging app to complete a purchase.

CCR also allows owners OCPP configuration options such as: power limit, credit card rfid, time limit, prepaid mode, price per minute, price per kwh, and pre-authorized amount.

Get the Pulse on your chargers

Understand your charger health.

Included with Gilbarco's Tritium EV chargers, Pulse allows site owners to quickly see the operational status of each charger, gain insights with detailed diagnostic data, see real-time charging session data.

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Learn about the EV charging landscape

Charging 101 Whitepaper: Make the best decision for your business.

Questions about electric charging solutions for retail or fleet?

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