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The RT175-S High Powered DC vehicle charger, with isolated power unit, allows for continuous 175kW operation at up to 104°F/40°C. The compact and unquestionably futuristic industrial design is ideal for high population areas and can just as easily be adopted for highway rest stops, fuel stations, municipal installations, utilities, fleet, hospitality, education, destination centres as well as heavy infrastructure use cases such as mining and ports.

Customer Care

Data Management and Transparency

Tritium has industry leading technology expertise and global production capability in the EV Charging space. This allows an end-to-end experience extending from our world-class interoperability test centres through to our manufacturing, dedicated customer care and onboarding teams, as well as our certified training modules and technical support personnel. All of this is underpinned by Tritium’s superior customer service.

As a leading-edge DC charging technology solutions partner, we provide proprietary data advantages, data management, data transparency and insights that facilitate studies on tailored charging demand profiles. These insights can be fed into charge frequency, energy consumed, charge events, usage patterns, operational optimization, preventative maintenance, and grid information.

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