A key factor in the uptick in demand for more fuel options was the increased use of ethanol. This lower-cost, lower-emissions alternative is rising in popularity among American drivers. According to data from NACS, the Midwest Region saw Ethanol sales increase 33%, the Central Region saw an increase of 32.4%, and the West Region saw an increase of a staggering 73%*. Savvy retailers are noticing this trend, offering flex fuels to gain new customers and increase sales.    

To diversify your fuel strategy, you need the most flexible equipment available. That’s where the 6-Grade Select option shifts the equation and changes the game entirely.

"Offering 6-grade dispensers allows retailers to offer more choices at a single fueling position, meaning customers can pull up to any pump on the forecourt, and get access to their desired fuel,” said Dan Riccio, Product Marketing Manager at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. “When limited to 5-grades, retailers would have to strategically plan which fuels would be offered at each position and customers would need to ensure they are pulling up to the right spot." 


The Encore 700 S dispensers offer 6-Grade Select and are designed to have the ultimate flexibility and reliability to ensure retailers’ fuel dispensers fit their businesses for decades to come.

These dispensers allow retailers to blend any two of four inlets, with up to four hoses and six fuel grades at the same fueling position – providing enhanced fuel flexibility.  

There are currently three dispensers in this line:

  • NF6 – Ideal for offering traditional gasoline, Diesel and Flex Fuels.
  • NF7 – Ideal for offering a low grade, high grade and two blended mid-grades, plus diesel and either a flex fuel like E85 or E15, or even E0 - Ethanol Free gasoline.
  • NL8 – Ideal for offering a low grade, high grade and three different mid-grade blends, plus Diesel. 


The desire to expand fuel offerings isn’t going anywhere. Customers are always looking for the new and best ways to fuel their vehicles, and retailers need to be ready to provide them with those options.  

6-Grade provides retailers with the flexibility they need to keep their sites competitive and future-focused.

To find out more about how 6-Grade unlocks the most fuel flexibility for your forecourt, visit the Encore 700 S product page or contact your local Gilbarco Veeder-Root distributor. 

*Data taken from the NACS 2022 SOI showing growth from 2021 – 2022 for same-firm samples, per store, per month