4 Ways to Speed Up Service at Convenience Stores

c store self checkout speeds up service

4 Ways to Speed Up Service at Convenience Stores

The key ingredient to any convenience store operation is – speed. So here are four tips to get customers in and out faster.

#1 - SELF-CHECKOUT with Passport Express Lane™

Self-checkout systems like Passport Express Lane™ are the next chapter in the evolution of the modern c-store. They keep lines moving and increase throughput. When customers know they have another option besides standing in line, they feel more inclined to go inside the store. Not to mention, if a store has a strong lottery business, lines can stack up quickly. Having an outlet for customer overflow is key to keeping customers moving.

Check out how brands are using Passport Express Lane™ to speed service and create brand loyalty at the same time.


There’s no denying it, forecourts need contactless payment technology NOW. Contactless payments are 10 times faster than other in-person payment options.

Not only is it faster, 8 out of 10 consumers now use contactless payment, according to a recent survey from Mastercard. Even before the pandemic hit, contactless payment usage by consumers was expected to hit 75% by the year 2025.

Contactless payment options are usually part of the outdoor EMV upgrade, so most EMV protected businesses are ready capitalize on the contactless trend now and into the future.


This may seem like a typical software update, but it’s much more. Operating Passport® POS with Windows 10 speeds up several crucial processes. For one, Passports with Windows 10 can handle 30% more transactions per hour before authorization times start to rise.

Reboots are 75% faster and data backups get a 60% speed boost. Windows 10 also allows for faster software upgrade installations in the future.

Windows 10 is now required with all Passport POS systems and is included beginning with Version 20.


Keeping regular tabs on your site’s flow rate is critical to understanding the customer experience.

Sites with fuel flow troubles get labeled as the station with the “slow pumps” almost overnight.

Change your filters every 300,000 gallons, every six months, or when fuel delivery rates slow significantly.

Conduct accurate flow test during peak and off-peak hours.

If your submersible pump is under 2 horsepower, upgrading to a 2 horsepower unit could provide the boost in fuel flow you need to increase efficiency and maximize profits.

Read more on flow control here.


You can’t have convenience without speed, and you can’t have speed without modern retail tools.

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