7 Movies with Gilbarco Gas Pumps

movies with gilbarco pumps

7 Movies with Gilbarco Gas Pumps

We know most people in our industry are essential workers out on the front lines. But those people eventually go home…and stay home…until it’s time to work again.

Streaming is getting stale, so here’s a new spin.

Below are seven movies or shows that feature Gilbarco fuel dispensers. Some new, some old – all Gilbarco.

A special thanks to our social media followers for helping us compile the list! Obviously, there are way more movies out there – and we want to see them!

Send us your Gilbarco movie recommendations by leaving us a comment on the social post and we’ll check them out.

Now, let’s go to the movies!

The Hangover:

Didn’t even remember there was a gas station scene…but that seems appropriate for this one.

John Wick:

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. Is it possible to blink during John Wick anyway?

Breaking Bad (Season 3, Episode 4):

We are the ones who knock…

Need for Speed

We’re just gonna be honest, we look HOT in this one!

Driving Miss Daisy

Classic movie…and the gas pump is a classic too! You’ll see when you spot it.


A dystopian, post-apocalyptic action-thriller may not be up your alley right now, but ya never know.

Lost World: Jurassic Park

Lotta running. Lotta screaming. Lotta Goldblum. A little Gilbarco.

Think of more movies with Gilbarco gas pumps? Let us know by leaving a comment on the social post!