C-Stores on the Forefront of Change in the Post-Coronavirus Retail World

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C-Stores on the Forefront of Change in the Post-Coronavirus Retail World

Times are changing and the numbers are already in.

Nearly two-thirds of consumers are now changing their shopping routines, and 87% said they would prefer touchless or enhanced self-checkout options, according to a new survey.

Survey key findings include:

  • More than 70% of shoppers are using touchless, robust self-checkout options or shopping at frictionless micro-markets, compared to nearly 29% that are shopping online.
  • Exactly half of consumers are aware of touchless self-checkout options, where items are automatically scanned and recognized without needing to touch a pad or screen to enter their names.
  • Self-checkout options remain popular with nearly 75% of shoppers using self-checkout to pay for groceries frequently.
  • 90% of respondents were between the ages of 18-60.

C-stores were quick to adopt new, temporary methods to serve their customers but as social distancing timelines become clearer, businesses will need permanent solutions to meet consumer expectations.

Before the pandemic, shoppers increasingly craved control and quick service. Those trends became the driving developmental force behind Passport Express Lane™ Self-checkout System.

Control and speed will no doubt remain shoppers’ top priorities post-coronavirus. Other predictions include stores making store sanitation obvious and items like hand sanitizer readily available by default.

The changes we’ve seen at convenience stores, gas stations and similar retail businesses have been quick, clever, and all in the name of safely serving customers.  This focus—driven by protecting the health and safety of customers and employees—has had the added benefit of improving the overall customer experience. 

Here’s the good news: C-stores and retail fuel businesses have a unique opportunity to shape the new normal that people will come to expect at their local brick-and-mortars once the world gets back into full-swing.

Thanks again to all the people on the front lines keeping this essential industry – and the world – moving as normally as possible.