Advice for Consumer:

Using a gas pump is no different than opening a freezer door at the grocery store. Businesses are taking unprecedented steps to make their businesses safe for consumers. Still, people operating gas pumps should exercise caution, giving them similar treatment to a grocery store shopping cart.

  • If possible, wipe the nozzle handle, buttons and keypads with a sanitizing cloth.
  • During the pandemic, wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. If this isn’t possible, use hand sanitizer after operating a gas pump.

Some people have found some creative solutions to deal with touching the nozzle.

We want to thank all the people on the front lines of this essential industry, keeping businesses – and the world – running as normally as possible. Retailers, large and small, are stepping up to serve their communities in new and creative ways.


We are very thankful for our Team Members who are working so hard to keep our pumps and stores clean!

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And while nothing about this situation is convenient, it does highlight the critical role convenience stores play and will continue to play in our global society.