Do You Need Contactless at the Pump? The Tweets Don’t Lie

contactless payment at the gas pump

Do You Need Contactless at the Pump? The Tweets Don’t Lie

Don’t think you need contactless at the gas pump? Think again.

It’s not just Twitter though, there’s fresh data that shows contactless is quickly becoming an expectation of consumers. Only 2% of transactions were made using contactless technology in 2018. In 2021, that number has ballooned to 80% in segments such as grocery and drugstores, according to CStore Decisions.

Another recent study shows 43% of consumers actively avoid shopping where contactless payments aren’t available.

Via CStore Decisions:

 “The contactless EMV transaction is a win-win for retailers and consumers,” Perry Kramer, managing partner, Retail Consulting Partners. “When implemented correctly, the customer does not need to sign anything (paper or the terminal). This can cut the payment process time in half, be perceived as being safer and reduce chargebacks.”

So, what do you need to get contactless on the forecourt?

Retailers planning to upgrade to outdoor EMV technology are already on their way to contactless payment. Because it uses the same high-speed connection as EMV at the pump, contactless payment comes together with your chip card upgrade – another win-win situation.

As the first manufacturer to release outdoor EMV software to the market, it’s been our job from the beginning to make the process as easy and affordable as possible for all retailers. Our teams are standing by, ready to help operators find savings through tax incentives and other financial assistance.

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