EMV Deadline Delayed, Retailers Advised to Stay on Schedule

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EMV Deadline Delayed, Retailers Advised to Stay on Schedule

Several of the leading credit card issuers have recently announced that they will delay the October 2020 deadline for outdoor EMV compliance—and the associated fraud liability shift—due to complications from the coronavirus outbreak.

The six-month cushion will benefit retailers in varying ways, some greater than others, depending on their progress towards EMV compliance. For those that have the ball rolling, the delay may eliminate their lapse in compliance, keeping their businesses safe from fraud chargebacks. Retailers that haven’t started will still experience a gap in fraud liability protection.

“Most Gilbarco distributors suggest placing orders sooner rather than later,” said Chris Whitley—Vice  President, Sales and Marketing. “Getting on a distributor’s schedule now will help that retailer understand how much the new delay really benefits their business.”

Meanwhile—despite the recent announcement of the EMV deadline delay—many retailers are staying the course, despite the commercial disruption posed by COVID-19. Businesses that already put their EMV plans in motion are now seeing the fruits of their preparations – even during the pandemic.


Some reports claim some gas stations have been slow to adopt EMV because it involves complicated and expensive construction scenarios. However, many Gilbarco customers’ installations have NOT broken concrete to complete the upgrade.

Major oil company incentives are also reasons for retailers to remain on schedule. Current MOC brands have special pricing programs that expire in October which may not be extended. Waiting could make upgrade costs higher as a result for business owners.

There are also several different paths a retailer can take to make their upgrade better fit their business while the economy and commerce normalize. You can find more information with our Quick EMV Migration Guide.

The new outdoor EMV deadline will be April 17, 2021. If you haven’t begun your outdoor EMV upgrade, we strongly suggest contacting your local Gilbarco distributor as soon as possible.