Flooding Recovery – Quick Reminders

Flooding Recovery – Quick Reminders

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As a fueling site owner, have you ever wondered what steps to take in case of natural disaster? Do you have a recovery plan? In light of the recent catastrophic flooding in the Midwest, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few quick reminders:

Here’s what to do if your convenience store fuel dispensers are involved in a flooding situation:

  1. Check out MDE-4097B on Gilbarco’s GOLD or ask your distributor for a copy. This document includes Recovery and Prevention procedures.
  2. DO NOT RESTORE POWER! As you will see in the above MDE, it is imperative that NO electrical power be restored to dispensing equipment until after a certified Gilbarco ASC and certified electrician are able to inspect all electrical connections and site safety systems.
  3. JBOXes need to be inspected and dried out.
  4. Dispenser sumps need to be inspected by hand and verified to be free of water/fuel and compliant with local regs.
    1. Any resulting fuel/water mixtures in sumps need to be disposed of properly and in compliance with local regs.
  5. If dispenser electronics have become submerged, it is truly 50:50 as to whether or not the equipment is:
    1. Recoverable at all
    2. Recoverable in a cost effective manner
    3. Able to be properly diagnosed, in which case it may not be recoverable at all
    4. There is not a general guideline here, just case by case basis

Please contact Gilbarco or your local Gilbarco distributor for more information.