How to Protect Your Business from a Natural Disaster

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How to Protect Your Business from a Natural Disaster

Gas stations are a unique and critical resource that must be protected as much as possible during a natural disaster. Below is a quick guide to preparing your site for an extreme weather event. 

Station Preparations

The following steps should be taken in preparation before a natural disaster strikes: 

  1. To prevent underground storage tanks from floating in flood conditions, keep tanks as full as possible prior to shutting down the station or evacuating. 
  2. Check/secure all storage tank fill caps when flooding conditions are expected. 
  3. Manually trip shear valves under each dispenser. 
  4. Be sure dispensers/pumps are anchored to the island per Gilbarco installation instructions. 
  5. You may lose all electronic totals, configuration, or report data during a natural disaster. Print out or manually record critical information that may be needed to restore your operation. 
  6. Remove AC power from ALL equipment before leaving the station. Safety lockout procedures should be used.  
  7. Ensure dispenser doors are properly closed, locked and that seals are in good condition. If seals are questionable, use waterproof tape around the door seals to protect unit interior against extreme wind and rain conditions. 
  8. Cover pump and dispenser openings (printer opening, cash acceptor opening, etc.) with waterproof tape to protect equipment from extreme wind and rain. 
  9. Temporarily remove non-original equipment and add-on signs from dispensers and pumps. Seal any mounting holes with waterproof tape to protect the unit interior against extreme wind and rain conditions. 
  10. Secure or remove any forecourt or station equipment (trash barrels, etc.) that could blow into pumps and dispensers during extreme weather conditions. 
  11. If possible, move all c-store electronic equipment onto your countertops prior to leaving your site to prevent flood damage.  

Station Recovery 

The following are general precautions to be followed before attempting station recovery after a natural disaster. 

  1. If not done prior to evacuation, remove power to all equipment at site.  
  2. Have a technician and electrician check equipment condition and AC power service and make any needed repairs before restoring power. 
  3. Check tanks for water. If present, remove water from tanks before attempting to dispense fuel. If water and contamination is heavy, tanks may need to be pumped out completely, cleaned, and filled with fresh product. 
  4. Check for water in conduit. Test for possible insulation damage, shorts or opens. If water is present, vacuum or blow water from conduits. Replace defective wires as necessary, and repour seal-offs. 
  5. Inspect all probes and sensors to ensure no water has entered those connections and junction boxes. If water is present, vacuum or blow water from connections. 
  6. Do not use emergency generators except for lighting. Emergency generator power may cause damage to electronic components. 
  7. Do not operate the pump or dispenser if there is any chance that water may enter the hydraulic system. Pumping water will damage hydraulic components. 
  8. Replace filters. If filter caps are present, remove caps and install filters. 
  9. Repair/replace all damaged components. Use only Gilbarco and Veeder-Root certified parts. 
  10. After verifying wiring and electrical, obtain approval to turn on power.  
  11. Once power is back on, verify ALL equipment is operating properly. Perform an annual Automatic Tank Gauge Certification.  

Pumps, dispensers and consoles that have been completely submerged should not be used. This equipment will require refurbishment, and should be sent to Gilbarco or Veeder-Root for repairs and testing. 


Gilbarco stands ready to help, and our Distributors and Authorized Service Contractors are also prepared to offer support.

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