Happy Earth Day from the GVR e-Mobility Team

ev charging for earth day

Happy Earth Day from the GVR e-Mobility Team

We want to take a moment on this Earth Day to spotlight one of the most exciting parts of Gilbarco Veeder-Root - our growing e-Mobility platform and the team behind it.

“It makes me feel good that I’m impacting positive change for the world,” says Brian Kuebert, Director, Global Product Management. “We’re reducing emissions and helping EV adoption push forward.”

There’s no question that electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and after years of research, we believe now is the time for gas stations to jump into the EV charging market.

“Electrification is what our customers will need to further their business,” says Deepesh Nayanar, head of e-Mobility, NA. “But beyond that, there is a broader mission in terms of sustainability that Gilbarco feels very strongly about.”

As the global leader in fueling technologies, we view EV charging through a special lens.

“Sure, we have our place in traditional fueling,” says Nate Valaik, e-Mobility Product Marketing Manager. “But really, it's our job to deliver fueling solutions to customers and that runs the gamut, all the way up to electric vehicles. It’s really exciting.”

With more than a century of experience, our products have been the driving force of change in the fueling industry since the beginning. Now, more than ever, we feel it’s our responsibility to continue our tradition of innovation.

Gilbarco’s EV team is here to guide our customers into the next era of retail fueling. Contact us today to start planning your future in e-Mobility.