Super-Charged Strategy: EV Charging & Foodservice Win Together

foodservice and EV in a c store

Super-Charged Strategy: EV Charging & Foodservice Win Together

Convenience store retailers who are committed to growing their foodservice offerings are a step ahead of the competition when it comes to electric vehicle charging, according to a new study.

The research, conducted by U.K.-based retail adviser Scott Annan, explains that as the demand for EV charging increases, demand for c-store foodservice is buckled up in the passenger seat.


The report noted that "retailers who pivot their roadside investment to EV re-charging without a strategic investment in fresh food and relevant local services will be disrupted and even disintermediated.”

A growing number of our customers have embraced foodservice, often times, expanding into EV charging too.

Another customer focused on food is Breeze Thru Markets. They’re building their Oak City Deli brand around fresh and local options, relying on Passport™ Suite of Solutions to make the menu come alive for their customers.

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