A Cut Above the Rest: Customer's 'Wheels' Turn Heads During Production of 'The Drive'


A Cut Above the Rest: Customer's 'Wheels' Turn Heads During Production of 'The Drive'

Six months and three chapters later, we’re still never sure what we’ll see while producing The Drive.


This time, with Breeze Thru Markets, it was this legendary customer who drove his pristine John Deere lawnmower, donned in classic green and yellow to a Breeze Thru for gas.

Breeze Thru is a small regional chain out of Cary, North Carolina. The brand is known for capitalizing on retail trends to offer their customers a big brand experience with a local feel.

These stores are full of creative, data-driven ideas that have helped them find exponential growth and a reputation for catering to their communities’ needs.

When this chapter of The Drive launches this Wednesday, you’ll see how Breeze Thru tackles the challenges of being a smaller brand, “in a market full of the big guys,” as VP of Retail, Mark Smith puts it.

We can’t give it all away yet, but Bitcoin is just one of the ideas swirling around Smith’s head right now.

It isn’t just about riding the trends either.

With this new chapter of The Drive, we’re bringing more content than ever before. We dive into topics like enhancing food ordering, the impact of self-checkout on labor, COVID-19, and more.

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So like we said, whether it’s meeting the biggest fan of the best catfish in Seattle, a C-store taco truck, or our friend with the spotless John Deere lawnmower – you just never know what you’ll see on The Drive.