The Drive: Chapter Five Sneak Peek – Maplefields

maplefields gas station and ev charger station

The Drive: Chapter Five Sneak Peek – Maplefields

A new chapter of The Drive is upon us! We’re so excited to show you another unique and successful c-store operation – next week.

The Drive highlights strategies that the best c-store operators use to get ahead.

Maplefields is just oozing with sweet, sweet strategy – right down to the maple syrup they produce themselves and sell around the world.

The brand is a network of more than 40 convenience stores, based primarily in Vermont. The stores we visited were located in the Lake Champlain area, just a few dozen miles from the Canadian border.

IT Director, Skip Potter, crisscrosses the region, ensuring every store stays online and up-to-date with the latest technology. He took us across the lake to give us the authentic Vermont experience.

When we say our products are designed for c-store owners, by c-store owners – we mean it. And this chapter proves it.

From EV charging to cashierless stores, Maplefields pushes the envelope and shows exactly why it’s become one of the leading brands in Northern New England.

Of course, they’re known for clean stores and restrooms (and yes, people drive out of their way to use their restrooms), but Maplefields brings more to the table. For Skip, a convenience store should be an experience that customers dictate for themselves.

They were one of the first brands to seek interest in self-checkout and has now turned Passport Express Lane into an entirely new way of running retail.

Maplefields envisions a c-store industry where customers flow easily around the store, free of lines and friction, enabling a shopping experience that is truly convenient; where traditional cars and electric vehicles can fuel side-by-side.

Travel with us to the Green Mountain State and learn how Maplefields serves their customers and community in new and exciting ways.

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