Recipe for Success: Local Food Truck Partnerships

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Recipe for Success: Local Food Truck Partnerships

By now, we’re all very aware there’s an appetite for real food from gas stations and convenience stores. Even CNN is going after Chevy Chase’s take on gas station food from the 1980’s classic “National Lampoon's Vacation.”

The made-to-order trend, started by major retailers like Sheetz and Wawa, has become a mainstay for success as consumer tastes evolve. But not all businesses are ripe for food service. Some sites may not be able to support certain kinds of kitchen equipment. For others, budget may be the barrier.

Savvy small business owners aren’t letting that stop their drive to serve their customers and bring in new ones. You may not realize it yet, but there's a quiet partnership growing across the country between gas stations and local food trucks.

Prashant Patel owns several gas stations in the Carolinas. Some sites have food service elements, but for one of his businesses, it just isn’t feasible. To remedy this, Prashant partnered with a local food truck to offer made-to-order Mexican food.

“He’ll send all his customers inside. It was successful for him and it brought us a lot of business as well,” Prashant says.

Other gas stations on his street have noticed his success and jumped on the food truck bandwagon. The trend can have an overwhelming local impact.

It’s a gas station’s duty to serve its community with convenience. By contracting with food trucks, local business owners are supporting each other and helping everyone thrive together. Building a business with that sense of community is what makes people feel welcome and eventually –loyal customers.