New Study Details Roadmap and Benefits of Electrifying Fleets, Start Planning Now

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New Study Details Roadmap and Benefits of Electrifying Fleets, Start Planning Now

Now is the time for fleet managers to start making plans for electric vehicles, according to a new study. The Rocky Mountain Institute conducted a survey of 91 fleet managers who operate large fleets in the U.S.

The non-profit, non-partisan organization of clean energy experts spoke to fleet managers representing different fleet types, including cities and states, utilities, universities, corporations, and delivery services.

The results of the study help illustrate the roadmap fleet managers will need to follow to implement e-Mobility infrastructure.

Via Yahoo Finance:

The survey found that most fleet managers expect to adopt electric models for the majority of their light-duty cars, trucks, and SUVs over the next decade. Most organizations have committed to reducing their carbon emissions by preferentially choosing EVs for new vehicle purchases where they are deemed to be suitable for a given use case and duty cycle. Light-duty passenger vehicles are ready for electrification now. Suitable electric models of pickup trucks and heavier vehicles will be available in the next two to five years.

However, few organizations are currently equipped to understand and account for the actual costs of owning and operating EVs, or to compare those costs accurately to their existing fleets of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Other key findings include:

  • Fleet managers must engage with local utilities as early as possible – potentially years in advance.
  • Fleets will need to consider scale, current and future to best implement charging infrastructure.
  • Many organizations must also consider how to prepare for grid power disruptions.

RMI’s study ultimately found that fleet electrification will be worth the cost and effort.

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