What the DEF?! What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Should Your Forecourt Have It?

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What the DEF?! What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Should Your Forecourt Have It?

We get a lot of questions around DEF and the best ways to leverage it on your forecourt, so we enlisted the help of forecourt solutions expert, Danny Seals, to give us some straight answers.

What is DEF?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a solution of urea and water that’s injected into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to turn NOx gases (harmful emissions) into nitrogen and water. This system is called a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) implemented by vehicle manufacturers to meet EPA emissions standards in 2010. This is a way of meeting the standards without compromising engine performance or fuel efficiency. DEF is not a fuel additive and is stored in separate tanks.

Who needs DEF, why?

DEF is a requirement for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with diesel engines produced after 2010. The vehicle is programmed to inject the DEF into the exhaust stream to meet emissions requirements. If the vehicle is allowed to run out of DEF, the engine performance will be reduced, and lower speeds are imposed.

What are the different delivery modes of DEF?

DEF can be purchased in several ways. There are varying sizes of jugs/containers a driver can purchase. This requires the driver to transfer the DEF into the vehicle manually. DEF can also be dispensed into the vehicle through a fueling dispenser when equipped.

Which retailers should offer DEF and what indicators can they use to decide?

DEF is a great product for all c-stores to offer since there is a large population of vehicles on the road. Retailers selling diesel at their fueling locations can use the volume sold as an indicator for the amount of diesel customers they’re getting. Most heavy-duty trucks on the road today require DEF. Locations with a separate large truck filling location should consider offering DEF out of the dispensers. This provides greater margins since they are generally buying the DEF in bulk to store in their tanks. Also, some locations selling large amounts of diesel on their forecourt should consider a dispenser solution as well.

How can Gilbarco help retailers get into DEF?

Gilbarco has been the market leader in DEF dispensers since the beginning of DEF requirements. We’ve worked with large retailers over the years to supply the dispenser functionality and have become the industry standard for this offering. Gilbarco helps retailers get into the DEF dispensing business through factory installed offerings and retrofits of dispensers where DEF is present in bulk storage.

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