Standard Fuel Dispenser Breakaway

Eliminate Spills Caused By Drive-Offs

The C86NT (3/4”) Single-Use Breakaway is a small and lightweight, minimal flow restriction breakaway designed to be installed between the whip hose and the primary hose. The internal dual poppets close when a drive-off occurs, trapping the fuel inside the hoses at both ends to prevent costly fuel spills and possible damage to the environment.


  • UL/ULC listed for Diesel, Gasoline and ethanol blends up to 10%
  • Meets NFPA 30A Codes
  • Maximum separation force is designed at 350 lbs.
  • C86NT mates with all 3⁄4” and 5⁄8” hoses
  • Durable protective cover minimizes damage to vehicles and the breakaway during a drive-off
  • Seals both ends of the breakaway after separation
  • 12 month warranty