EMV Upgrade Support

Secure Your Fuel Pump with Gilbarco's FlexPay™ Flexible Payment Systems

Our FlexPay™ Flexible Payment Systems protect your customers and your business. We make your EMV upgrade easy, with a range of options that protect your investment like no one else.

EMV payments leverage a computer chip located on the front of the payment card to transmit data from the card to the card reader. This EMV chip calculates a unique data packet for each transaction, reducing the value of data that might be stolen from a system. Gilbarco’s Point of Sales security solutions give you and your customers total peace of mind for all transactions. Our range of payment systems help you offer a seamless, hassle-free transaction experience.

Highly Secure Payment Solutions

The FlexPay Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) protects through at-the-pump data encryption as well as innovative physical security features, accepting both magnetic strip cards and EMV upgrade chip cards. The modular design of the HCR makes is an easy and cost-effective upgrade that protects not only your customers, but also your peace of mind.

FlexPay™ IV CRIND provides the easiest and most integrated EMV payment-compliance solution. FlexPay™ IV CRIND comes factory installed on the Gilbarco Encore 700 S dispensers. It’s also compatible with a variety of dispensers in the form of retrofit kits, and is integrated with most major POS systems.


Cost Effective, Retrofit Options

You can also choose from a variety of retrofits, for Gilbarco Encore and The Advantage® lines, or choose an option that will work another dispenser.  

So whether you just want an affordable retrofit to help meet your EMV upgrade needs, or a dispenser replacement, we’ll find the right flexible payment system solution that works for you.

Future Ready POS

Passport is our cutting-edge POS system with built-in EMV technology. It gives you and your employees the tools you need, with a more versatile loyalty system, smarter marketing options, and tighter security. Our simple, flexible system has the power to optimize every transaction, provide exceptional customer service and manage processes for the future. 

FlexPay™ Connect allows your retail fueling dispensers to process data-intensive EMV payments securely and does so without slowing your customers’ speed.

Total Compliance Solution

In order to meet EMV regulations, your forecourt payment hardware must have certifications that confirm their capability to accept and process EMV transactions. Software must also be certified to accept and process EMV transactions. All devices in the store’s entire payment ecosystem must be certified to work together before accepting transactions in the field. 
Let us help you meet the requirements and take your business to the next level at the same time. See why it pays to work with Gilbarco, the payment security experts.