The stakes have never been higher when it comes to security on the fuel island. Gilbarco’s FlexPay systems make EMV upgrades easier and more cost effective. Gilbarco’s gas pump security is based on extensive experience; designing payment terminals for ideal performance in harsh, outdoor environments. This technology is field-proven and works with the largest network of service technicians to give you the most equipment up-time.

FlexPay EMV CRIND protects multiple risk points, giving you complete control of the security on your forecourt. The system combines the security of the FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pad, the Secure Hybrid Card Reader (HCR), and a color screen to provide payment compliance, anti-skimming protection, and secure screen prompting.


FlexPay IV is the industry’s most secure payment platform for fuel dispensers. The FlexPay IV CRIND provides the easiest and most integrated secure payment solutions to prolong the life of your dispensers with payment compliance and a modern design.

FlexPay IV is fully integrated with a broad range of common Point of Sale systems. FlexPay™ IV CRIND comes factory installed on the Gilbarco Encore 700 S dispensers. It’s also compatible with a variety of dispensers in the form of retrofit kits, and is integrated with most major POS systems. The FlexPay™ IV CRIND comes with full EMV and PCI PED certification.

The modular approach to EMV upgrades ensures the lowest total cost of ownership with a simple upgrade process. With the FlexPay™ IV CRIND, you can feel confident that your site will support payment regulations for years to come.

FlexPay Encrypting Pin Pad

Gilbarco’s FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) is the world’s leading choice for PCI compliance at the fuel dispenser. This fuel payment system is equipped with specialized features that safeguard your customer's data and your business transactions. The system is an effective way to become compliant without replacing your entire CRIND.

Full PCI compliance means fewer headaches and lower potential risk while offering the highest physical and logical security available. Modular design means you buy only what you need and enjoy low cost of ownership.

FlexPay Hybrid Card Reader

The FlexPay Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) helps you become EMV compliant and reduce the risk of fraud on the forecourt. The FlexPay HCR protects customers at the pump through data encryption and other innovative physical security features, all while accepting both magnetic strip cards and EMV chip cards.

  • EMV certified to protect against counterfeit fraud.
  • Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES) communication capability ensures data security.
  • Tamper Resistant Security Module (TRSM) delivers PCI-PTS* compliance and anti-skimming capability.
  • HCR is Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED) certified.
  • Retrofit uses the existing bolt pattern from the previous FlexPay Secure Card Reader (SCR) for quick installation and minimum downtime.
  • HCR integrates with the FlexPay II CRIND: available on Encore® 700 S dispensers and any Gilbarco dispenser that has been upgraded with a FlexPay II CRIND® Retrofit Kit.

FlexPay Connect

FlexPay Connect is Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s state-of-the-art solution that enables high speed connectivity at your retail fueling sites. It provides the infrastructure that allows your dispensers to process data-intensive EMV payments with the transaction speeds that your customers know and love.

FlexPay Connect makes the EMV process easier by using your site’s current twisted pair or two-wire infrastructure to set up the high-speed connection needed for chip card capabilities on the forecourt. There is no need to break concrete and run new conduit or Ethernet wiring.

Payment Options

Stay synchronized with the growing number of forecourt payment options. Gilbarco’s suite of solutions allows you to give customers a variety of security and convenient payment options from quick and easy mobile payments to the cutting-edge tap-and-pay option.

Mobile Payment: With contactless payment options quickly gaining popularity amongst smartphone savvy users, you can now leverage the power of mobile payment at the pump and give your customers a simple and effective way to pay for fuel and other in-store items. Mobile payment is seamlessly integrated with the dispenser to accept contactless payment methods including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Dual interface Cards (EMV & NFC).

2D Barcode Reader: Customers are loyal to businesses that provide great service, seamless transactions, and valuable rewards. The FlexPayTM 2D Barcode Imager can help maximize the reach of your customer loyalty program by integrating it with your fuel dispensers. Allow your customers to successfully scan reward cards, coupons, and loyalty codes on their mobile devices through area imaging technology.

With omnidirectional scanning, the FlexPay 2D Barcode Imager can easily read barcodes from every angle and orientation, making it consumer friendly and cost effective. It also integrates into the FlexPay IV CRIND as a part of your EMV CRIND upgrades.

Contactless Payment: By adding a contactless reader with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to your dispenser, you are providing your customers an opportunity to pay with a simple tap of their phones. With the migration to EMV and chip card technology in the U.S., transaction times can be longer than the traditional card swipe.

Adding contactless readers to your forecourt can improve transaction times and create a better consumer experience. The FlexPay Global Contactless Module is easy to use and can be installed on any FlexPay II or Flexpay IV CRIND. It's rugged design features impact and tamper resistance for the highest levels of protection.

Cash Acceptor: Give more power to your customers by offering them an added payment option and increase your throughput while reducing your credit card transaction fees. 

FlexPay EMV CRIND for Canada

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s FlexPay™ EMV CRIND provides the easiest and most integrated solution for EMV compliance. You get full security for both debit and credit card transactions, factory-installed on your new Encore® 700 dispensers and as a retrofit to your existing dispensers. Your customers enjoy the same familiar and intuitive experience everywhere. FlexPay EMV CRIND is available as a retrofit for the entire Gilbarco Encore and The Advantage® lines.

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