As the ideal solution for today’s forecourts that dispense the variety of fuels consumers demand, the HD Meter allows you to keep more of your fuel and your money with its ability to:

  • Reduce drift by 50% over standard meters. Stroke control from positive stops on the piston and end cover eliminates fuel over-delivery and reduces calibrations to reduce drift and save thousands in profit.
  • Stand up to any type of fuel contamination. The graphite deck plate and hard-coated aluminum rotary valve reduce the effects of wear and abrasion delivering more resistance to chemical, biological and physical contamination to fight the primary sources of meter variation.
  • Reduce calibration frequency. New valve seat and improved shaft-to-valve engagement enable quick recovery from abrasive contaminants and create a less than 0.5% error when operating under low-flow conditions in standard fuels.
  • Extend lifespan, lower cost of ownership. Positive stops on the pistons and reinforced end covers provide long-lasting performance by preventing over delivery to better manage wetstock and keep costs down. Durable materials and sustained instrument accuracy results in less frequent replacement than standard meters.

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