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Passport User Guide Training

Who is a Passport User Guide?
A Passport User Guide is an individual trained to provide a quality learning experience for Passport managers and cashiers perform a responsive needs analysis. This individual may be:

Employee of a Gilbarco Distributor or Authorized Service Contractor
Independent contractor who customarily trains for one of Gilbarco’s distributors
Corporate trainer for one of Gilbarco’s customers.
These are individuals with proven technical and communication skills. The Passport User Guide is certified through a course that consists of a web-based phase and an instructor-led phase taught by a Passport Certified Trainer.

Gilbarco has run a two day Passport class for the past three years utilizing our training facility in Greensboro, NC. Typically we offered Passport User Guide classes quarterly since 2008. We have trained well over 300 students in the past three years using this mechanism to help our customer Thrive with their Passport POS System. Going forward Gilbarco will offer three ways to obtain additional Passport training from an Gilbarco Passport expert. 

Option 1 – Standard Passport User Guide Class – at Gilbarco Facility
Every year, Gilbarco offers four Passport User Guide classes at the Greensboro facility. The student rate for a two day class is $250 and a formal class will not be scheduled until we have at least four paying students in attendance. If the student is new to Passport due to converting from another POS system, we have a special 2017 promotion for these students.

If a class is cancelled due to lack of attendance, the students will be given an option of class refund or the ability to attend the next class scheduled. If a company wishes to reserve the entire training session or request a unique training class they must be willing to cover the cost of four students for this class to be scheduled.

Option 2 – Passport Training at your Facility

Several customers have requested the same Passport User Guide class at their facility or their local distributors facility. If you wish to pursue this training option, please contact your local distributor and send an email to Passport Sessions. The two day class rate would be $4000 with the addition of instructor travel expense and equipment setup. Gilbarco requires that the students have a least one Passport system to be used between two students. Normally, our local distributor will work with our customers to setup these systems for the class. Installing and configuring the correct software with the approved configurations does take time and should be covered within the cost of this class option. The actual installation, travel expenses, and configuration costs will be negotiated with the class instructor and the local Gilbarco distributor. 

Where and when are your classes?
The Gilbarco hosted classes occur at our Gilbarco Veeder-Root main office located at:
7300 West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27410.

Gilbarco has negotiated hotel rates that can make the cost of attending the class at our offices more economical as well. Also our offices are five minutes from PTI airport has numerous flights through a majority of the carriers throughout the day.

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