Host a Sweepstakes - 5 Tips for Success


Host a Sweepstakes - 5 Tips for Success

Aloha Petroleum Ltd. in Hawaii, Thorntons Inc., Turkey Hill Minit Markets in Pennsylvania have already embarked on offering a sweepstakes of free gas for one year to winner(s) of their Sweepstakes competition. Not only have all three businesses witnessed overwhelming participation, but they had extra revenue with a dash of publicity to supplement the reward of giving away a free product.

What are the benefits of hosting a sweepstakes?

  • Gain attention in the area from those that did not know about your c-store
  • Grow excitement from community about your business
  • Convert newer customers into loyal customers
  • Show appreciation for loyal customers

All these benefits are great marketing tactics to strengthen your customer relationship. By consistently trying to connect with the people in the area, you are gaining potential customers which will result in sales.

To create an attractive sweepstakes, consider these 4 tips:

  1. Work for Realistic Goals: Because human nature is competitive, making customers earn their prize makes their reward sweeter. However, keep in mind that there is nothing more discouraging than not being able to meet the standards of a competition. Therefore, find a healthy medium where it is not too easy to win - but also not impossible to achieve.
  2. Keep Your Eye on the Prize: No one works hard to win a weak prize. Make it worth their while. The prize doesn’t have to be a year’s worth of gas; however, it would need to be something that would hold high value for the majority of your customer base. It can be a service that they wouldn’t buy, a way to save money or even a special privilege.
  3. Easy Admission: To ensure high participation, make sure you are not asking too much or making it hard to sign up. The forms should be accessible and easy to complete.
  4. Spread the News: You won’t have much of an outcome if no one knows about your Sweepstakes. It is important to consistently make your customers aware when visiting the store and leverage technology to advertise to a customer.  For example, with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s upselling solutions for c-stores, your business can display an ad for the Sweepstakes while your customers pump gas or are at a register.

When it comes to marketing, this is your chance to be innovative. Think of a creative manner to display appreciation for your current customers and show new customers why they should become part of your loyal customer base.

If you are interested in other ways to connect with your customer base, review Gilbarco’s upselling solutions and our Applause TV technology.