National Common Courtesy Day: First Impressions are Everything

National Common Courtesy Day: First Impressions are Everything

Bet you had no idea it was National Common Courtesy Day. But since it is, why not look at how important first impressions are to your customer?

In an industry where 90% of products are the same from store to store, your customers’ first few seconds inside your business are critical. The evidence is out there.

(Source) – “A happy expression, with the corners of the mouth turned upward and eyebrows relaxed, is likely to inspire trust, research shows. People teamed in an investment game with online partners whose facial images appeared friendly and reliable entrusted their partners with 42% more money than those whose partners looked downbeat and threatening…”

It doesn’t stop with smiling employees though. Another study shows just how critical the appearance of your entire store is to your customer.

(Source) - The annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey reveals that almost half of Americans say they will “definitely” or “probably” spend more money at a business that has clean, well-maintained restrooms. In addition, nearly 60% of Americans make a conscious decision to visit a specific business because they know it has nice restrooms.

People form opinions about your business in milliseconds. Your potential guests’ snap judgments could mean the difference between spending money at your store, or with the guy across the street. The good news is; you have a lot of control over how you’re perceived.

So remember, keep the corners of the mouth turned upward…and your eyebrows relaxed and celebrate National Common Courtesy Day!

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