The New Age of C-Store Menus: Digital Signage

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The New Age of C-Store Menus: Digital Signage

Wouldn’t it be nice to display targeted information to specific audiences at a specific place and time? Digital signage is the upcoming platform trending today. By moving to a digital platform to display information, any owner can customize and update the board quickly and inexpensively. With print, you would have to pay for each change… for each monitor and it would take time to develop and deliver by usually a second party.

If you have ever walked down Time Square in New York City, digital screens are unavoidable. From a giant screen displaying models smiling down from the Aerie building to an Ad on the hottest Broadway plays, there are 460,00 pedestrian eyeballs staring, analyzing, and being entertained. Though this has been a long-going trend for Time Square, this concept has finally started to infiltrate the travel and hospitality industry. As airports update boarding flights at each terminal, museums offer customers a digital way to interact with displays, and hotels wow their guests with video walls, it is evident that digital signage is becoming more mainstream.

Digital signage offers much more than just content. For customers, digital signage is engaging because information is immediate and can be personalized through interactive options. For business owners, digital signage will allow owners to build, manage, schedule, and monitor campaigns. That means owners can:

  1. Create result-driven campaigns to attract customers.
  2. Ensure campaigns are displayed properly via whatever platform through each screen.
  3. Schedule each campaign based on a target audience.
  4. Analyze how each campaign is impacting sales and engagement.

With all of these points combined, an owner has the potential to increase positive perceptions of a business because it will improve service and in turn the customer experience. When it comes to c-stores, there is an opportunity to use digital screens on the forecourt and inside the store. Providing easier accessibility to easily sign up for local or in-house loyalty programs (e.g., coffee club) through devices such as Impulse and also saving time for every transaction through technology like the Express Ordering will complement a busy, digitally stimulated, and fast-moving society.

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