Taking Advantage of Impulsivity in Your C-Store

Taking Advantage of Impulsivity in Your C-Store

Consumerism is a large part of the American identity that is based on providing people products and services they want. While society changes, their demands will also alter causing businesses to consistently update methods to stay relevant and reach customers.

Now, the trend is impulsive buying which has become more of a mental tick rather than a choice.  Impulsive buying is defined as unplanned behavior usually driven by emotion that results in a purchase, according to DMN3.com. With online and mobile phone abilities, impulsive buying can literally take place anytime and anywhere. Alternatively, planned, non-impulsive buying is when a customer identifies a need and goes out to retain the need.

There can be many causes to impulsive behaviors such as environmental events, self-image, societal pressures and more. Despite the reason, consumers now rely on their personal connection with a business in order to make a purchasing decision. The anthropomorphic trend – which provides businesses a humanistic characteristic that consumers can use to express their personality – is now an important factor in the buying market.

What does the impulsivity of people have to do with a c-store that sells fuel and packaged goods? According to The Guardian, there is an estimated $4 billion generated from impulsive buying every year. This is untapped revenue waiting to be accessed by your business.

What if you inherited anthropomorphic tactics in your marketing to understand and appeal to society? How would you accomplish this and what difference would you think it would make? Being able to understand what your locals are all about can lead to profitable results.  It may be worth-while looking into technology that can bridge the communication gap and enable your business to appeal to your customer's desires.

For example, Gilbarco Veeder Root’s Impulse automatically configures specific merchandise driven by a price book. Impulse’s affinity engine delivers powerful, same-store market basket analytics to automatically drive relevant upselling combinations. Through a 10.1” customer-facing screen, you will display promotions and messaging you have configured manually so that you can engage customers with the newfound knowledge of your customer base. Using a tool like Impulse, will entice customers to return to your c-store through digitalized loyalty programs and faster transaction speeds.

Therefore, when a customer goes to the register to make a purchase when viewing what Impulse offers, a customer’s impulsive actions will increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

All of this and more is what technology can do when given a chance. It can bridge the gap of understanding and communication while making both parties in a business transaction content. If interested in learning more about Impulse and/or other Gilbarco upselling solutions, please click here.