Workforce Frustrations: C-stores Struggle to Hire New Employees Amid Booming Economy

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Workforce Frustrations: C-stores Struggle to Hire New Employees Amid Booming Economy

Self-Checkout Solution Now Available to C-stores

You see the scenario at convenience stores all the time: the checkout line snaking through the aisles as a lone cashier operates multiple Point-of-Sales like whack-a-mole. Now hiring! Apply within! Thousands of convenience stores around the U.S. are begging for job applicants. It’s a growing issue for C-store owners and managers as the national unemployment rate flirts with a 50-year low.

Where are all those great job candidates? The answer: they’re working!

In 2018, the U.S. labor market had more jobs than job hunters. In the same year, retail openings became the second hardest to fill behind the health care industry. According to Forbes, “recruiters are finding a 40% increase in time to hire” due to candidates being more picky about their jobs. C-store managers also report struggling to find reliable workers who they trust to show up for work each day.

Meanwhile, minimum wage levels are set to spike in the coming years. Eighteen states began 2019 with higher minimum wages. Seven states are set to raise minimum wages to $15/hour with California being the first in 2022.

Overworking employees while underserving consumers isn’t the solution to workforce frustrations. Today’s retail landscape is becoming increasingly automated. While many consumers value human assistance, many more value speed and are willing to use more frictionless solutions like self-checkout. This is especially true for C-store shoppers.

A recent study found that 64% of consumers would pay more for human interaction at restaurants (including fast food), grocery stores, clothing/apparel/shoe stores while only 16% of consumers were willing to pay more for human assistance at C-stores. For many business owners, the solution to light staffing can be a self-checkout kiosk.

Now available in the Passport POS Suite is Express Lane, the self-checkout system designed specifically for C-stores by Gilbarco Veeder-Root. With Express Lane’s easy and seamless integration with Passport Version 12.02, setup and training are simple for existing Passport users. With the state of the current economy and job market, the introduction of Express Lane couldn’t come at a better time. Self-checkout kiosks relieve pressure on a business’s current managers and staff, while enhancing the retail experience for the consumer.

Learn more about Passport Express Lane here!