Bring Compressed Natural Gas to your fueling station

Maximize options. Minimize cost.

ANGI Energy Systems' Encore CNG Dispenser makes it easy to bring Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to your fueling station. Its familiar Gilbarco Encore frame and door construction allows for a seamless installation with our trusted dispensers while preserving your site’s brand. Our CNG equipment communicates with your existing fuel management system or forecourt controller, to minimize the impact to your site payment network and saving you the cost of a separate point of sale (POS) system.

Familiar User Interface

Increase throughput, streamline transactions, shorten wait time, and enhance your customer’s experience with Encore’s familiar interface and intuitive design. Available in 1- or 2-sided models.

Fast, Safe, and Efficient Fill

Temperature-compensated fill rate with optimized, electronically controlled filling software. Positive shut-off, actuated ball valves with hydrocarbon and motion sensors provide industry-leading safety.

Connection Flexibility

Configurable for 3-Bank or Direct-fill site configurations. One dispenser for hi-flow and standard flow applications— fill cars or busses from the same dispenser and increase throughput for your site.

Seamless Integration

The Encore CNG Fuel Dispenser ties to your existing forecourt controller — minimizes impact to your site payment network and saves the cost of a separate Point of Sale system.

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