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Best-In-Class EMV Retail Fuel Dispenser

The Encore 700 S has become the benchmark fuel dispenser for c-store and retail fuel businesses. With a familiar ATM-style customer interface, the highly secure CRIND® provides enhanced, upgradeable security that supports EMV and contactless payment technologies.

Enhance your customer engagement and scale your digital transformation with robust loyalty and content management options. Flexible fueling options, with up to 6 grades, ensure your business is prepared to fuel the customers of today and the future. Improve site efficiencies and reduce downtime with cloud-connected remote management—24/7 site visibility across your network.

Your consumers use touch screens on their smartphones, tablets, and the dashboards of their cars and trucks. Communicate your message with an experience they have come to expect with the 15.6-inch touch screen available on the E700S. A 10.4-inch, non-touch screen is also available.

The E700S is designed to have the ultimate flexibility and reliability to ensure your fuel dispensers fit your business for decades to come.

Forecourt Payment Security

FlexPay™ IV is the industry’s most secure payment platform for fuel dispensers. The FlexPay IV CRIND provides the easiest and most integrated secure payment solutions.

Forecourt Engagement

Encore 700 S gives you field-proven tools to inform, persuade, and motivate your fuel customers to come inside your store and buy higher-margin goods.

Dispenser Fueling Security

Encore 700 S offers customizable security options such as custom locks, door entry detection sensors, reinforced lower panel, or encrypted pulsers.

Dispenser Remote Management

Gilbarco’s cloud-based service, Insite360 Encore, allows subscribers to remotely connect to their dispensers and perform several straightforward and complex tasks.

Aging equipment is expensive

Parts, service, and labor costs are increasing.  It's time to invest in an asset that pays you back.
Save your cash and finance EMV technology upgrades at below market rates. Only two payments in advance to secure your c-store equipment upgrades.

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Forecourt EMV Payment Security

Secure. Connected. Profitable

The stakes have never been higher when it comes to security on the fuel island. Gilbarco’s FlexPay systems and contactless payment technology make EMV upgrades and mobile payments easier and more cost effective. Gilbarco’s gas pump security is based on extensive experience; designing payment terminals for ideal performance in harsh, outdoor environments. This technology is field-proven and works with the largest network of service technicians to give you the most equipment up-time and protect your business from the EMV liability shift.


Self-managed media to drive forecourt engagement

Your Brand. Your Message. Your Customers.

Boost your business and drive fueling customers inside your store with valuable solutions that enhance your digital strategy on the forecourt. Encore's media solutions engage your customers at the pump, improve brand loyalty, and increase your bottom line.

Dispenser Fueling Security

Deterring Fuel Theft

Higher fuel prices are driving increased attempts by criminals to steal fuel. Thieves are getting more and more bold, sophisticated and aggressive with tampering efforts regardless of the fuel dispenser brand. Gilbarco Veeder-Root offers enhanced dispenser security options, and we are encouraging our customers to review their forecourt security and develop a plan to help prevent fraud. No single solution will completely prevent attacks, but careful procedures and improved hardware security can significantly reduce the opportunity.


Fuel Suppliers Guide To Transforming Forecourts

EMV compliance can be tough to manage across multiple sites. Gilbarco Veeder-Root has developed a step-by-step process to EMV migration across retailer sites. 

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24/7 remote visibility

Information is Power

Having 24/7 visibility of your site’s performance and tools to troubleshoot and resolve dispenser issues remotely could give you the edge you need to outperform your competitors. Gilbarco Veeder-Root has created a cloud-based solution that will reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increase your uptime and elevate the customer experience.

Gilbarco’s cloud-based service, Insite360 Encore, allows subscribers to remotely connect to their dispensers and perform several straightforward and complex tasks.


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