Encore S Ultra Hi-Flow Dispenser

Encore S dispensers for travel plazas are consistent with your brand image and allow your customers to complete their fueling transactions quickly and reliably, for better throughput and profit.

Encore DEF Dispenser

The dispenser is compatible with the Passport point-of-sale system which unlocks new fuel island merchandising and integrates with most third-party c-store POS and back office systems.

Encore S DEF + 1 Dispenser

Our innovative DEF features maximize your opportunity to meet the needs of your customers and build profits, and dispensers feature thermostat-controlled, heated cabinets to prevent DEF from freezing.

What the DEF?

What is diesel exhaust fluid and should your forecourt have it?

We get a lot of questions around DEF and the best ways to leverage it on your forecourt, so we enlisted the help of forecourt solutions expert, Danny Seals, to give us some straight answers.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispenser

Lose The Jugs And Funnels

Our DEF dispenser maximizes uptime and minimizes total cost of ownership. Your customers can fill their diesel tanks as well as their supply of DEF without the mess and inconvenience of DEF jugs and funnels. Gilbarco diesel exhaust fluid pumps are easy to use, with above-ground tanks and no below-grade access required.

Encore S Ultra-Hi Flow Diesel Fuel Dispenser and Satellite

Keep Your Customers Moving

Encore S Ultra-Hi Series primary dispensers and satellites deliver Ultra-Hi flow fueling of both diesel tanks simultaneously in a single transaction. Combine your dispensers with the power of the Passport point of sale to combine the fuel and DEF sales into a single transaction, reducing your transaction fees.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) + 1 Dispenser

Streamline Your Fuel Island

You want to make the most of your forecourt space, increase throughput, and enjoy the industry’s most reliable equipment with maximum uptime and lowest total cost of ownership. Your customers can fill their diesel tanks as well as DEF tanks from the same fueling position.

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