Passport Point-of-Sale

Passport® Point-of-Sale
The proof is in the POS.

Passport® POS: The industry's fastest growing POS solution.


Passport’s touchscreen and intuitive design shrinks training time to 20 minutes or less. In some cases, new employees can even train themselves. Cashiers can organize menus by time of day, set reminders to display promotions, and other workflow-convenience features.

Managers can program and require reason codes for any exception entry to decrease employee theft. Managers can also take advantage of the security grouping features which sets permissions for data and other specific functions.


The Method of Payment Report calculates credit and debit transactions for fuel, merchandise and car wash sales to reduce card processing fees. Paid-In or Paid-Out functionality and reporting tracks monies coming in or out of the cash drawers for vendor payments. Blind balancing facilitates effective cash control by requiring the cashier to balance the register without knowing how much cash should be in the cash drawer.

Gilbarco’s 24/7/365 U.S.-based help desk resolves 90% of technical issues without dispatching a technician, saving you money and increasing uptime.  


Passport’s unmatched simplicity allows you to focus on your strategy, not on your technology. Extensions within the Passport ecosystem allow you to serve and reach your customers across your entire site and across your entire network of sites.

Passport POS integrates with the widest range of fuel dispenser equipment of any POS system. We develop our business relationships across all related sectors in the U.S. and abroad in order to provide customers the confidence that they’ll have the best answers or solutions to their questions and problems.

Passport Resource Center: Learn. Train. Explore

Customize settings and master advanced functions to
speed up transactions and simplify business.


passport partners

More Partners. More Possibilities.

Passport has more than 120 certified partners, allowing you significant flexibility to most effectively meet your evolving needs. From loyalty to food service to price book and back office systems, Passport is at the heart of what keeps your business running and profitable. If a solution provider has a valuable c-store/retail fueling-focused offering, they’re likely a certified Passport partner. When you connect with Passport, you connect with our industry leading network of third party partners.

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Passport Service Offering

With Gilbarco's Passport Service Offering (PSO), an unbeatable c-store POS systems service, you're never alone. With our Gilbarco passport support experts on call 24x7x365, 92% of our calls are resolved over the phone without ever having to dispatch a technician to your site.

Information is power.

Gilbarco’s Insite360 Instore provides an exciting, new cloud-based dashboard and portal that enables you to monitor, configure and control your Passport point of sale system, from anywhere, at any time.

The application works with Passport v20 and higher and is compatible with all standard PCs, tablets and phones.

  • Monitor - Access all store close reports remotely and upload reports, SpeedKeys, and sales information from all of your sites. Download directly at your central office and upload to the cloud.
  • Configure - Reduce costs by configuring groups of sites with common characteristics. Save time by implementing your configurations to all your sites, all at once.
  • Control - Adjust fuel prices immediately to respond to changing market conditions. Built with the functionality to change fuel prices, Speedkey layouts, and receipt text updates with only a few simple clicks. Constructed around the same security groups and role-based access principles implemented in Passport, making it easy to delegate access to specific system functions.
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Get Your EMV Migration Guide

Passport also provides industry-leading security, as the first in the industry with EMV solutions for both in-store and at the forecourt. By being first to market with an outdoor EMV solution, Gilbarco has honed the EMV transition process with special features like functionality that ensures no bank card is left behind by consumers.

Technical Specifications


  • Core I3-2120 (standard)
  • ® Q67 Chipset
  • 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM DIMM (standard), 16 GB (max)
  • Integrated 15” Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Dual SATA drives (Server), Single SATA drive (Client)

 I/O Connectivity

  • Parallel Port (1)
  • Serial Ports (4)
  • USB Ports (4)
  • EPSON Printer Power Port (1), 5’ cable provided
  • Intel 1GB LAN (2)

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: 5°C ~ 35°C (41°F ~ 108°F)
  • Storage Temperature: 20°C ~ 55°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)
  • Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH non-condensing
  • Storage Humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH non-condensing

OPOS Compliant Peripherals

  • PIN Pad with 2-track MSR
  • Optional Gilbarco® RFID reader
  • 2 x 20 customer display
  • Epson® Thermal Receipt Printer
  • OKI® Data Digital Report Printer
  • APG Cash Drawer
  • Metrologic® scanners, 1D and 2D