Express Ordering: Flex your foodservice.

Foodservice has become a critical source of growth in the c-store industry. Express Ordering allows your business to turn the trend into profits while growing at your own pace. Express Ordering is a self-service food system that improves efficiency and increases upselling and add-ons.

Fresh Design

The clean, consistent graphic interface is easy to digest.  The images clearly communicate your intended message while the concise design makes the ordering process faster and more enjoyable for the customer.


The menu flow supports all foodservice programs. The multi-level menu configuration allows you to manage kiosks and pricing in logical groups based on menu offering, geographic distribution, or promotion groups. Set your menus to change with the time of day.

Reporting and Remote Control

The enterprise application allows you to remotely deploy and monitor all food service locations from a home office. With customized reporting, you can have visibility of all your kiosks’ activity in one place.

Integration to POS

Express Ordering seamlessly integrates to your Passport POS for an automated price sync from your back office system. The Smart QR Code allows customers to order at the kiosk and pay at the Passport POS.

Extend Your Passport POS

The system complements your Passport Point of Sale and offers:

  • Increased sales of 30% or more, through sophisticated merchandising and superior custom branding and graphics.
  • Improved customer service and reduced errors using a rich, graphical ordering experience that gives customers exactly what they want.
  • Increased margins and improved efficiency with features that make managing employees and ingredients easier.
  • Quicker food service transactions with multiple order points, letting your foodservice team focus on quality food.