Passport Express Lane Self-Checkout

Shrink Lines. Improve Customer Experience.

Today's customers crave quick service and control while your business needs streamlined solutions that cut labor costs and stress on employees. Passport Self-Checkout is designed to keep your convenience store and your shoppers on schedule.

Passport Express Lane + Paypod Cash Automation

One third of convenience store transactions are paid in cash.

Combine Express Lane with CPI’s Paypod cash recycler to serve every customer, regardless of payment method. Whether it’s cash, credit and debit card, or contactless, your guests have the option for a seamless self-checkout experience.

Express Lane + Paypod POS terminals offers other benefits, such as reducing daily cash reconciliation activities, streamlining retail operations, reducing shrink, removing hygiene concerns, and helping customers maximize their investment with a solution designed to evolve with the market.

Give your customers checkout options

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Increase operational efficiencies to cut costs

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Build customer loyalty to increase revenue

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Speed customers through the line

Gilbarco Quick Lane


Same networks & mobile payment options as Passport

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Simple add-on to your Passport POS

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  • A new type of Passport client that performs a subset of POS functions tailored as a consumer-facing device
  • Enter items by scanning, speedkeys or UPC Codes
  • Age-Restricted items with control console approval
  • Card-based / mobile payment systems


  • Monitor and modify transactions on the individual consumer-facing terminals
  • Control via existing cashier workstations or through a separate dedicated piece of equipment
  • Modify Consumer Terminal transaction
  • Void, suspend, add items including restricted
  • Records trackable cashier actions for audits
  • Enable / Disable Customer Terminal


  • Cash automation at Express Lane self-checkout made possible with partner, Crane Payment Innovations, the leader in payment automation technology.
  • Don't be limited by labor. Serve all customers at self-checkout regardless of payment type. Automate entire self-checkout experience for customers paying with cash.
  • The average c-store purchase is $9.02. 47% of transactions under $10 are paid in cash!
  • CPI offers the industry's largest and most experienced customer support team for total peace of mind.


Enhance consumer experience to increase loyalty

  • Reduce consumer wait time during high volumes
  • Appeal to “self-service” consumers who want to control their checkout experience

Increase operational efficiencies

  • Higher throughput opportunity
  • Reallocate existing staff to better service consumer needs
  • Reduce labor cost

Seamless integration with the Passport POS Suite 

  • Similar operations with same Passport reporting, interface, and support mechanisms.

Minimum Requirements: Passport Express Lane System

  • Passport System with Software Version 12.02 or higher
  • PC60 Hardware Platform for Consumer Workstation and Control Console
  • Passport Express Lane System Licenses and Annual Support Agreement
  • Current Passport Service Offering (PSO) - PLUS or PREMIUM level
  • Approved peripheral models; including uninterruptible power supply (UPS), 2D scanners, thermal receipt printer, and PIN Pad payment device