Automated Gas Dispensers

Meet the Gilbarco Veeder-Root family of fuel dispensers.

Confidence comes standard with all Gilbarco Veeder-Root fuel dispensing equipment. As the leading experts, we make sure each and every gas dispenser delivers reliability and profitability. Whether you're looking to freshen up your forecourt, offer flexible fuel or market in-store coupons from the gas station pump, Gilbarco Veeder-Root has the perfect solution. 

Encore 700 S Fuel Dispenser

Highly secure, this gas station pump uses powerful CRIND® electronics to build a flexible and innovative platform for your changing forecourt marketing and payment needs. Enhanced, upgradeable security supports emerging technologies and minimizes the need for future investments.

Encore S Fuel Dispenser

With the Encore S fuel dispenser, your hardest worker is on your forecourt. Every day, Encore S fuel dispensing systems deliver unparalleled reliability that has proven to incur 30% fewer service calls than the competition. It also offers you the lowest cost of ownership on a gas station pump, so you keep more profits in your pocket.

Encore Flexible Fuel Dispenser

Greet a greener forecourt with the redesigned Encore. It’s a smart investment that lets you maximize branding and sales opportunities, while keeping the number of tanks needed to a minimum. Fuel-friendly internal components optimize use with biodiesel, E85, LPG, CNG and hydrogen.

Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers - Model NJ4

With the dual blend configuration of the NJ4, you can offer up to five products from only 3 hoses, (e.g. E85, Mid-level Ethanol (E15), Unleaded, Mid Unleaded, Premium.) The ability to offer E15 through a separate hose with the NJ4 reduces the risk of mis-fueling.

Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers - Model NL3

The NL3 is the only dispenser available offering standard unleaded grades, diesel and E85 from the same fueling position. From its three hoses you can offer up to five products, maximizing your fuel marketing.

Encore® DEF + 1

Specially-designed optional hanging hardware is enclosed in the heated cabinet until needed.

Encore® Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

The Encore DEF Dispenser leverages your existing interfaces to CRIND payment and fleet card networks, alphanumeric keypad applications and loyalty programs that are supported by your existing point of sale system.

CNG Dispensers

Gilbarco's Encore CNG dispenser makes it easy to bring Compressed Natural Gas to your forecourt. Integration into your existing POS and the familiar Encore user interface enhances your customers experience.

Encore® S Ultra–Hi flow diesel dispensers

With the most flexible choices in fueling equipment configurations, as well as excellent POS and back-office compatibility, Encore Ultra–Hi flow dispensers help you sell more fuel during busy periods and get your customers get back on the road faster.

Encore Dispenser Options

Smarter gasoline dispenser options from Gilbarco Veeder-Root help increase reliability and profitability. Whether it’s rebranding acquired sites or giving your brand image a facelift, you can tailor your fuel dispenser solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

Secure your competitive advantage and increase profits with Gilbarco. Contact us to discuss the best fueling and merchandising possibilities for your business.