Company History


  • The Gilbarco® brand and companies are acquired by the Vontier Corporation.


  • The Gilbarco® brand and companies are acquired by the Fortive Corporation.
  • Gilbarco acquired Catlow, Tipp City, Ohio.


  • Gilbarco acquired ANGI Energy Systems, LLC, Janesville, WI.
  • Gilbarco acquired Outcast Media, Santa Monica, CA.


  • Gilbarco was first in the industry to announce UL listing for E85 (85% ethanol) dispensers and blenders.
  • Gilbarco FlexPay™ EMV CRIND® processed North America's first EMV transactions at the pump in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Passport® point of sale system’s unique architecture separated c-store POS systems functions from audited payment applications, helping it become the first POS to achieve PA-DSS validated applications on all the industry's networks.
  • Gilbarco acquired the Petroleum Dispensing Pump Business Unit of Larsen & Toubro Limited, Mumbai, India.


  • The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council validated the Passport point of sale system's Enhanced Dispenser Hub as compliant with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).
  • Gilbarco shipped the first Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispensers designed for North America.
  • Gilbarco introduced the Gasboy PLUS series fleet management systems.
  • Gilbarco installed the first Wisdom™ Intelligent Device Management systems, enabling retailers to remotely manage all the systems and devices at their stores.


  • Gilbarco® FlexPay™ Encrypting PIN Pads won CSP Magazine's Retailer Choice Best New Product. It provided the first cost-effective way for retailers to comply with Payment Card Industry requirements.
  • The industry’s first and best website,, made its debut, educating retailers about payment compliance.
  • Gilbarco Veeder-Root's Greensboro factory was featured on The Travel Channel's “Made In America.”
  • Gilbarco acquired Autotank Group of Tampere, Finland, the leading maker of Outdoor Payment Terminals used across Europe.


  • Applause™ Media System enabled retailers to feature advanced, colorful merchandising at the pump and provide coupons and other valuable information to fueling customers.
  • Gilbarco introduced the Express Ordering™ self-service foodservice system for convenience stores..
  • The company hosted its first Retail Solutions Users’ Conference in Pinehurst, NC.


  • The Mexican government approved Encore S for their dispenser replacement program.


  • Gilbarco Veeder-Root introduces the industry's first integrated contactless smart card reader for gas pumps, approved for MasterCard PayPass, ExpressPay from American Express, and Visa.


  • The Gilbarco FlexPay™ Outdoor Payment Terminal was awarded EuroPay MasterCard Visa (EMV) and Visa International certification for use in Europe.
  • DOMS, a leading provider of European forecourt controllers based in Denmark, joined the Gilbarco Veeder-Root family through acquisition.


  • Danaher Corporation acquires Gasboy International Inc. ("Gasboy"). Gasboy operations are relocated to Greensboro, NC and merged with Gilbarco Veeder-Root.


  • Gilbarco and Veeder-Root join forces under a unified marketing brand as the world leader in retail petroleum products and services, submerged turbine pumps, and retail automation systems.
  • The Gilbarco® brand and companies are acquired by the Danaher Corporation, parent company of Veeder-Root® and the Red Jacket® brands.


  • New Passport® POS announced with intuitive, graphical user interface.
  • Encore® gasoline fuel dispensers announced, heralding a new generation of electronic, web-capable dispensers.
  • Gilbarco demonstrates interactive merchandising content on a gas pump via the web.
  • Gilbarco demonstrates web-based remote diagnostics and software upgrades.
  • Acquisition and merger announced with Logitron Latin America, now known as Gilbarco Latin America, and offices opened in Mexico.


  • Pumapro™ POS introduced Europe, South America, and Asia.
  • SK98™ amd Enterprise™ dispensers introduced by Gilbarco Germany (Salzkotten).
  • Japanese LLMPD introduced by Gilbarco Australia.


  • TRIND®announced, using RFID (radio frequency identification system) for cashless, wireless payment.
  • Unattended fueling using G-SITE introduced.
  • Gilbarco acquired Germany's leading manufacturer of petroleum dispensing equipment, Tankanlagen Salzkotten.
  • Gilbarco acquired Logitron, the leading Italian supplier of forecourt services, fuel dispensing equipment, and retail automation products.


  • Gilbarco introduced its new PC-based G-SITE® POS system.


  • Infoscreen® interactive color display introduced on The Advantage® Series Dispensers.


  • VaporVac® introduced as a vapor recovery system that helps reclaim gasoline vapors emitted while fueling


  • The Advantage® Series dispensers introduced by Gilbarco Inc. in North America.
  • Euroline™ dispensers introduced by Gilbarco Ltd in the UK.
  • Historic partnership established that created the Beijing Chang Gi Service Station Equipment Company in the Peoples Republic of China (Gilbarco China).


  • Advanced blender technology introduced that replaced mechanical blending hardware with newer electronic blending technology.


  • Gilbarco acquired by the General Electric Company plc of the UK.


  • Pay-at-the pump technologies pioneered, featuring built-in credit/debit card reader system called CRIND®.
  • Puma Host family of pump controllers and POS systems introduced by Italian-based Logitron, srl.


  • The Multi-Product Dispenser® (MPD®) is introduced by Gilbarco, offering motorists unprecedented fueling convenience in one location.


  • Smart dispenser introduced, featuring electronic price and volume displays.


  • Gilbert and Barker Manufacturing Company relocated headquarters and US manufacturing facility to Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • Gilbert and Barker Manufacturing Company officially changes its corporate name to Gilbarco.


  • G & B consolidates and opens operations in UK.


  • Gilbarco opens operations in South Africa.


  • Licensees manufacture Gilbarco pumps in Brazil, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Holland, India, and France.


  • G & B begins sales and service in the UK from several locations near London.


  • 'Gilbarco' registered as trademark with US Patent & Trademark Office.
  • Gilbert & Barker introduce the first computing pump.


  • G & B announced first electric meter pump.


  • Gilbarco Australia established.
  • 'Gilbarco' brand first appears.


  • Gilbert & Barker Manufacturing Co. relocates to new factory in West Springfield, Massachusetts, to manufacture measuring and visible pumps.


  • Gilbert & Barker introduced first measuring gasoline pump.


  • Gilbert & Barker designed and manufactured its first petroleum pump the T-1, used push-pull motion to draw gasoline from an underground tank for fueling automobiles.


  • Ford Motor Company founded in Detroit, Michigan.


  • Gilbert & Barker Manufacturing Co. acquired by Standard Oil Company (Standard Oil Company later becomes Exxon).


  • Electric light bulb invented by Thomas Edison.


  • German Scientist Nikolaus Otto invented the 4-piston internal combustion engine



  • Charles Gilbert and John Barker’s partnership was incorporated as the Gilbert & Barker Manufacturing Co. of Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Sir Hiram Maxim (inventor of the Maxim machine gun) hired to create engineering drawings for Gilbert & Barker.



  • Charles Gilbert and John Barker partnered to build the "Springfield Gas Machine" that converted crude petroleum distillates into a gas vapor used to light buildings. The partners also designed distribution systems to safely distribute this lighting fuel (naptha) to individual lamps. Their first factory was a wood-frame building 18' x 42'.