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Replace or Retrofit? Choosing your Path to EMV, Boosting Fuel Volume

June 23, 2020
For the retailers still plotting out their EMV upgrade strategy, one of the first questions is whether to replace fuel dispensers with new ones or retrofit their existing forecourt.

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“Think Beyond the Deadline”: 5 Tips for Retailers Navigating the New EMV Deadline

June 16, 2020
Beyond tips or advice, retailers might also need consider the following warnings as well.

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Quick EMV Migration Guide

Does your gas station need new dispensers or point of sale for EMV compliance? Find out now.

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No More Waiting Games: 4 Factors in the Building Momentum Toward Outdoor EMV

May 26, 2020
New EMV deadline delay or not, momentum toward outdoor compliance Industry can no longer be ignored, according to industry analyst Tim Tang. “’I will wait and see what happens’ is no longer the norm,” he says.

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EMV Deadline Delayed, Retailers Advised to Stay on Schedule

May 19, 2020
Several of the leading credit card issuers have recently announced that they will delay the October 2020 deadline for outdoor EMV compliance due to complications from the coronavirus outbreak.

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