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The Future of Commercial Fleets

The fleet industry is ever-changing to keep up with shifts in technology and to identify ways to increase efficiencies and save on cost.

Currently, fleet electrification is being driven by battery innovations, energy economics, and government regulation of transportation pollution.

While some barriers remain, fleet operators are looking to the long-term benefits of lower maintenance costs, fueling costs, and reduced risk from future regulations.

Benefits of Fleet Electrification

Reduced Fuel Costs

Corporate Sustainability

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Our Products

The RT175-S is a scalable, flexible high-power charging (HPC) system for commercial operators

Convenient, fast charging for drivers on the go, the RT175-S is ideally suited for traditional fleets, travel stops, motorway rest stops and convenience stores. Our products can be configured to support the most popular charging connectors on the market and can charge a wide variety of vehicles. Our units can provide the type of power that will be used by larger fleet vehicles (buses, fire trucks & sanitation vehicles) while still allowing a safe and fast charge for vehicles like sedans and pickup trucks.

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The Amps2Go Series 6 is a sleek, highly-customizable Level 2 charger for fleets operating private or public chargers

Providing dependable Level 2 charging, the Amps2Go Series 6 is ideally suited for fleets that operate from either public or private depots. The Amps2Go Series 6 can be configured in numerous ways and comes in single or dual-port variants to meet the needs of any fleet or commercial property. For robust, premium Level 2 charging, look no further. The Amps2Go Series 6 is well-equipped to meet the needs of any fleet.

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The Amps2Go Series F7 is a rugged, no-nonsense Level 2 charger for fleets operating from behind-the-fence depots

Providing Level 2 charging for fleets, the Amps2Go Series F7 boasts the same sturdy aluminum construction as the Series 6 and is equipped with dual charging cables to maximize charging infrastructure in tight spaces.

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Our Applications

Light-Duty Fleets



Learn about the EV charging landscape

Charging 101 Whitepaper: Make the best decision for your business.

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Energy Knowledge Operating System

End-to-end cloud-based platform that provides Fleet Managers with visibility into Internal Combustion Engines and Electric Vehicle fleet equipment, Electric Vehicle Chargers, driver management, fleet card support, fuel and charging management processes, inventory monitoring, compliance, and reporting.

  • Fleet Management: Easily manage all aspects of your fleet – drivers, vehicles, chargers, authorization methods, etc. Perform onsite and offsite transaction consolidation.
  • Future Proof Solutions: A future-proof cloud solution optimized to ensure you are always ready to go as you scale.
  • Fuel Site/Inventory Management: Easily monitor and know the status of your fleet equipment at a glance. By utilizing EKOS, Fleet Managers can efficiently and effectively monitor Fuel Sites, EV Charger Sites and fuel Inventory.
  • Compliance and Security: Keep your fleet sites in compliance, keep and maintain all documentation in a central repository

EV Chargers for NCPA Members

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has been awarded a contract with the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance. Our team is well-equipped to provide comprehensive, integrated electrification solutions to customers of all types.



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