Automatic Nozzle - ELITE PREPAY


This ELITE PREPAY series of automatic nozzles estabilishes a new standard for vehicle refueling. The lightweighted construction produces a smooth working, rugged nozzle designed for endurance.

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Authorized by Inmetro, accordin Portaria Inmetro/Dimel 0071/2014, the automatic ELITE PREPAY​ Veeder-Root nozzles present many features that assure a more safe and easy operation, such as:

  • 1 year warranty
  • Full Cover for added protection in many colors

Main Technical Features of VEEDER-ROOT Automatic ELITE PREPAY Nozzles

  • Thre flow rates speed
  • 3/4" Single Body, sand cast aluminum
  • Linkage with 3/4" hoses
  • Normal 18 cm lenght tip
  • Aluminum Tip
  • ¾” NPT entrance e fine tip
  • Lever & handguard is Super-Tuff Glass Filled Nylon
  • O-rings and Seals are Viton
  • Weight ~ 1,0 kg