Fuel Pump Services

The “Start up” is the first time that the product (pump or dispenser) is turned on and set up for fuel handling, after the product acquisition. This process is free of charge, and ensures the factory warranty granted by Gilbarco Veeder-Root according to the Product Warranty Document. It’s important to remember that the deadline to request the fuel pump start up is up to 6 months after the sale.

For more information, read the Product Warranty Document that comes with your Fuel Pump.

If your fuel pump is ready to work, contact our Call Center) to schedule your fuel pump start up !


NEW TOOL FREE: 0800 892 2323
Attendance (Brasília UTC):

Monday to Friday: 8 h to 17 h
Saturdays*: 8 h to 12 h
*Please note: maintenance service will be scheduled from 8 am on Monday after the service order opening, and the term of service is 24 h, 48 h or 72 h according to the service station location or the maintenance contract established with its oil company.

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